• "I've had a great experience publishing my music through Edition MatchingArts. The scores and performance materials look beautiful and the MatchingArts team are friendly, helpful and very supportive of their composers."
    Peter Longworth (United Kingdom)
  • "To me, publishing at EMA is a way of reaching out to a larger audience."
    Bart Berman Demodokos (The Netherlands)
  • "I found the website through taking part of the 2nd Keuris Composers Contest and it was suggested to me that I have the winning piece published through the MatchingArts-Collective. I've enjoyed being a part of the MA-Collective community: the publishing process is easy and intimate, and the website provides a community for composers around the world."
    Alice Hong (United States)
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Welcome to EditionMatchingArts

Welcome to Edition MatchingArts – the online publisher for new classical music!

Edition MatchingArts (EMA) publishes music from composers from all over the world.
Their compositions can be purchased in our Webshop* and will be sent directly to the buyer as a PDF file. This way we save time, paper and shipping costs!

EMA was founded in the interest of the composer. All professional composers - both starting and established- are welcome to publish their music at EMA. This results in a very versatile selection of compositions in our extensive database.

If you are interested in publishing with EMA? Go to For composers.