HENRY KELDER - Clarity in Depth 1&2 (2021) (CD) MAR 2101

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Henry Kelder, piano (website)

Clarity in Depth 1 & 2

Clarity in Depth is a geology term related to soil investigation. This album was born as a kind of soil investigation; in my search for the depths in music I tried to get certain thoughts clear and bright. Ever since I was a child I crawl behind the piano to organize my thoughts and sail away with the sounds. Only through clear water you can see depth. I always want to play pieces from my heart, feel the composer's soul and thereby connect with the listener. So I went to search for beautiful, sound-rich pieces that provide tranquility and emotion. If an emotion is very strongly or intensely felt, you can talk about its depth. In arts depth means three-dimensional, while clarity is the quality in being clear in outline or sound. So I placed the microphones closer to the grand piano than is usual, in order to make the listener experience it as if you are spatially part of it, standing right next to it. You should think carefully about depth, it is not always immediately clear, while it hides serious and interesting qualities. Henry Kelder


Clarity in Depth 1

  1.    CHRISTOPH W. VON GLUCK   Melody (Orpheus Death), arr. Abram Chasins
  2.    EDVARD GRIEG   Air, Op.40 No.4 (from Holberg Suite)
  3.    SELIM PALMGREN   Berceuse (1919) (No.5 from 12 Pieces)
  4.    SELIM PALMGREN   Barcarolle, Op.14
  5.    VALBORG AULIN   Elegie, Op.8 No.3 (from 7 Piano Pieces)
  6.    CHRISTIAN SINDING   Tempo di Menuetto, Op.31 No.3 (from 6 Klavierstücke)
  7.    FELIX MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY   Frühlingslied, Op.62 No.6 (Lied ohne Worte)
  8.    FELIX MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY   Lied ohne Worte in D, Op.85 No.4
  9.    ADOLF VON HENSELT   Chant sans Paroles, Op.33
10.    ROBERT SCHUMANN   Romanze in F sharp, Op.28 No.2
11.    ROBERT SCHUMANN   Albumblatt in A flat minor, Op.99 No.6 (from Bunte Blätter)
12.    FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN   Nouvelle Étude in A flat, BI 130 No.2
13.    FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN   Polonaise No. 15 in B flat minor, BI 13
14.    MILY BALAKIREV   Nocturne No. 3 in D minor (1902)
15.    ANATOLY LYADOV   Prelude in D flat, Op.57 No.1
16.    ANATOLY LYADOV   Prelude in B flat minor, Op.31 No.2
17.    ANATOLY LYADOV   Prelude in D minor, Op.40 No.3
18.    ANATOLY LYADOV   Prelude in B minor, Op.11 No.1
19.    ANATOLY LYADOV   Prelude in G, Op.46 No.3
20.    ANATOLY LYADOV   Prelude in C minor, Op.39 No.2
21.    ANATOLY LYADOV   Prelude in E flat, Op.46 No.2
22.    ANATOLY LYADOV   Prelude in F sharp minor, Op.39 No.4
23.    FELIX BLUMENFELD   Prelude in D, Op.12 No.4
24.    ALEXANDER SCRIABIN   Prelude in G flat, Op.11 No.13
25.    SERGEI BORTKIEWICZ   Prelude in A flat, Op.13 No.5

Clarity in Depth 2

  1.    PAUL JUON   Besinnlichkeit, Op.90 No.2 (from 4 Klavierstücke)
  2.    ANTON RUBINSTEIN   Mélodie in F, Op.3 No.1 (from 2 Mélodies)
  3.    ANTON ARENSKY   Intermezzo, Op.36 No.12 (from 24 Morceaux Caracteristiques)
  4.    ANTON ARENSKY   Impromptu, Op.25 No.1 (from 4 Morceaux)
  5.    NIKOLAI ZHILYAYEV   Mélodie élégiaque No.1, Op.3 No.1
  6.    NIKOLAI ZHILYAYEV   Mélodie élégiaque No.2, Op.3 No.2
  7.    NIKOLAI ZHILYAYEV   Mélodie élégiaque No.3, Op.3 No.3
  8.    SERGEI RACHMANINOFF   Elegie, Op.3 No.1 (from Morceaux de Fantasie)
  9.    PIERRE BAUBET-GONY   Prélude de Concert No.3 (1973)
10.    PYOTR ILYICH TCHAIKOVSKY   October, Op.37a No.10 (from The Seasons)
11.    CÉCILE CHAMINADE   Automne, Op.35 No.2 (from 6 Études de concert)
12.    FLORENT SCHMITT   Dernières Pages, Op.5 No.10 (Prelude from Soirs)
13.    FRANCIS POULENC   Improvisation No.15 (1959) (Hommage à Édith Piaf)
14.    MAURICE RAVEL   Pavane pour une infante défunte (1899)
15.    JOHN CAGE   In a landscape (1948)
16.    HENRY KELDER   Isle of Arran (2019) (No.3 from Scenes from Alba)


Dates 27-30 August 2019
Location  Het Cenakel, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Label  MatchingArts Records
Sound engineer  Gé Bijvoet
Editing & Mastering  Dutz Studio